With the addition of the Super Late Model to iRacing's AI content, we have built a fully customized Opponent Roster for you to compete against some of the premier drivers from our BKP Art Super Series. Battle against the SARA AI in a single event, a full AI season, or add drivers to your hosted sessions with friends to fill the field with our virtual drivers.




To make the SARA AI driver ratings as realistic as possible, we took a deep dive into each driver's stats from the past two seasons, or from their past 20 races for those with less starts in recent seasons.


A measure of how skillful this AI Driver is compared to the other AI Drivers in this AI Opponent Roster.

We created a formula that factored in wins, top 5's, top 10's, average finish and average starting positions. Super Series stats and recent races were weighted more heavily than Contender stats and races from previous seasons.


A measure of the AI Driver’s behavior when interacting with other cars.

We created a formula that factored in incidents per race, total number and severity of penalties, and a ranking of how aggressive drivers tend to be on the track.


A measure of the AI Driver’s confidence, or over-confidence in their own skill.

We created a formula that factored in how many positions on average a driver gains or loses from their starting to finishing positions, as well as incidents per race.


A measure of the AI Driver’s steering behavior.
Lower = looser, higher = tighter.

In general, drivers were given a smoothness rating based relatively to their skill rating. Higher skilled drivers were given a lower rating to make them looser, while lower skilled drivers were given a higher rating to make them tighter.

All drivers were given a generic age of 25 years old, and 100% for both pit crew ratings.


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AI Tips & Tricks

For more information, or if you have any questions at all specifically regarding how to use iRacing's AI, we recommend checking out the links below:

iRacing AI FAQ

iRacing AI Rosters

Hosted AI Racing

If you plan on making any edits to the SARA AI roster, we recommend making a copy of the roster so you can keep the original version intact.
Click on the roster, then in the bottom left, click on Manage Roster > Copy as New, and give your copy a new name.

When setting up an AI event session, there are a couple things you should be aware of:

- The drivers listed at the very top of the roster will be the drivers that will be added to your session, so if you choose to race against 20 AI drivers, the top 20 drivers in the roster list will be added to your event.

- If you would like to choose specifically which drivers get loaded into the session, go into the roster, and simply drag and drop drivers into a different order, moving the drivers you want in the session towards the top of the list.

- If you would like randomize the driver order, click on the "Re-sort roster drivers" icon and choose Shuffle.

The skill spread is used to adjust the speed and overall difficulty of the session. For a more difficult race, move the skill spread to a higher range, and for an easier race move the spread to a lower range.

The gap or range of the skill spread will determine the difference in speeds between the higher rated drivers vs the lower rated drivers.

For the SARA AI roster, we recommend a 15% range for the skill spread, for example 100%-115%.

The skill spread for each track may vary. A skill spread for one track, may be too easy or difficult at another track. You may need to experiment to find the right skill spread for you.

The skill spread will also automatically adjust each driver's relative skill number to fit within the skill spread range. For example if you set the skill spread to 100%-115%, the lowest rated driver in the roster will be automatically adjusted up to 100 skill, while the highest rated driver will be adjusted to 115%, and everyone else will be adjusted proportionately within the range.

AI drivers do not run a separate setup for qualifying, so their qualifying speeds typically match their practice speeds. We recommend simply using your race setup in qualifying.

If you are running against an AI driver that is assigned the same car number that you typically run, we recommend either changing your own car number, or you can edit the roster and change the car number of the AI driver. Each SARA AI driver has a custom numbered paint scheme, so their assigned car number in the roster isn't that important.

If you are a current Super Series driver that is using this SARA AI roster, we recommend going into the AI roster, and either deleting yourself from the AI roster, or dragging your AI driver to the very bottom of the roster list to avoid being in the same race with yourself.

More tips and tricks may be added soon.